Will I need to have teeth extracted for braces?

There are many conditions that wearing braces will rectify from overcrowding to gaps between teeth. Orthodontics in Norwalk resolve your dental problems, and a consultation can provide answers to all your questions.

Overcrowding can create an overbite, under bite, or cross bite. What does overcrowding mean? Our jaw space must accommodate 32 teeth. As we mature and grow and our permanent teeth come in, they will erupt through gum tissue whether or not there is enough jaw space. If the jaw does not have room for teeth to grow naturally and straight, teeth can become impacted, grow in crooked, or misaligned. An impacted tooth grows into the gum tissue, not up through the gum tissue. It is not dangerous, and unless it presents a problem, there is no need to do anything about it. [pullquote]There are many conditions that wearing braces will rectify from overcrowding to gaps between teeth.[/pullquote]

If teeth come in without sufficient jaw space to grow, this might impact your bite and can result in protruding teeth or teeth growing inward. This is where a consultation with an orthodontist can help you understand how braces can improve your bite and straighten your teeth.

Quite often when overcrowding is the basis of the problem, it might become necessary for one or several teeth to be extracted before moving forward with braces. Once permanent teeth have been removed, braces will slowly allow the remaining teeth to shift back into place relieving the problem of overcrowding and correcting the bite.

Extracting an impacted tooth will sometimes require a referral to an oral surgeon. The extent of the impaction and how many teeth are involved will dictate to your orthodontist whether or not you should see an oral surgeon. Quite often impacted teeth are third molars, more commonly referred to as wisdom teeth. If it is determined that impacted third molars should be extracted, your orthodontist will want to make sure your mouth has healed completely before moving forward with braces.

Removing teeth to relieve overcrowding is a very common first step in many orthodontic procedures. For children or young adults, there is an option to removing teeth. In the case of overcrowding due to a lack of jaw space, it is possible to expand the jaw with the use of a palatal expander. Although more difficult, expanding the jaw of an adult is possible, but requires surgery and more aggressive treatment.

Since each case is different, only a consultation with our Norwalk CT orthodontist can determine whether or not you will need to have an extraction before moving forward with braces.