Early Orthodontics

Did you know that orthodontics can begin at an early age? Patients don’t have to wait until their teen years to begin the process towards a better smile. Early orthodontics can actually save children from extensive treatment down the road. If you are interested in early orthodontics in Norwalk, CT, call our team today to schedule a visit!

What is Early Orthodontics?

As teeth develop between the ages of 5 and 12, a lot of shifting can occur. Whether a baby tooth falls out too soon or not soon enough, many factors can play into your child’s teeth alignment. During these years of adjusting and growth, your child’s orthodontist can play a role in their dental development. By encouraging teeth to stay in place, expanding narrow arches or providing more room for teeth to erupt, your child’s orthodontist can make it easier for their treatment in the future. Early orthodontics can actually save you both time and money once your child reaches their teen year. Space maintainers are one example of early treatment. When a tooth falls out too soon, a space maintainer can keep surrounding teeth from shifting as the permanent tooth takes time to fully erupt.

Is Early Orthodontics for Everyone?

Not every child will need early orthodontic care. In fact, your child may not need any intervention in their teeth alignment until their teen years. If this is the case, your child’s orthodontist can monitor your child’s smile as it develops in case any need for treatment arises as their teeth continue to develop.

Clear, Upfront Pricing

Our team will always offer honest pricing before treatment begins. We don’t believe in springing unexpected costs on our patients. Our finance team will make sure that you have all the information you need to properly plan out your treatment costs. From early orthodontics to treatment for adults, our team will help you understand the best recommendations and provide a variety of payment options to help you afford treatment.

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