iTero Digital Scanning Takes the Discomfort Out

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If you ever had braces as a child, you may remember sitting in the dental chair with a giant mold in your mouth full of what felt like wet cement. Many patients would gag. Universally, patients disliked its taste and smell. Situations like this are a thing of the past, thanks to iTero’s digital scanning technology.

We use the iTero scanner when creating dental impressions for study models and Invisalign aligners.

Orthodontic Technology

With this technology, the orthodontist waves a wand around inside your mouth, focusing on either one tooth or the entire mouth. The wand sends a digital signal to a computerized screen. A 3D image appears on the screen, allowing the orthodontist to see all angles of your mouth and also narrowly focus on orthodontic issues that need correcting.

Since this digital image appears on the screen within minutes, the orthodontist can review this digital impression with you immediately and explain the details of your orthodontic treatment plan. You can ask questions right there and then. Perhaps the most exciting feature is the ability to not only see an image of your teeth before treatment but to see 3D digital images of your teeth as they would look both during treatment and after completion of treatment. No more imagining your future smile; you can actually see it on the screen!

Our office then sends this digital impression to a laboratory where they create either your study model or customized Invisalign aligner.

What are some other advantages of using the iTero digital scanner? We are glad you asked:

  • the digital scan takes quicker impressions than traditional dental impressions
  • the digital impressions are more precise and accurate than conventional dental impressions
  • the orthodontist need not take further impressions in the future. Once and done.
  • more precise molds mean a better fit for your mouth
  • less time sitting in the chair and fewer follow-up appointments
  • iTero uses visible light, not radiation

Sit, relax, and let the iTero digital scanner do all the work for you. Gooey messes, gagging, and difficulty breathing are a thing of the past thanks to this amazing technology.

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