How does orthodontic treatment work?

The field of orthodontics is about much more than a set of braces. An orthodontist is the dental specialist who is highly skilled in positioning the teeth. In the most ideal position, your teeth can be more functional and your smile more aesthetically pleasing.

Orthodontic treatment can be utilized to treat a broad variety of dental conditions. Some of these conditions are purely cosmetic, such as mild crowding or spacing. Other conditions, such as a severe overbite, an overjet, or a crossbite can be true functional concerns. Patients may be unable to chew and speak comfortably and efficiently. For other patients, the stress created by malocclusion, or poor occlusion, can cause extreme damage to the jaw joint (TMJ).

There are numerous orthodontic treatments available to correct these types of malocclusion. Consulting with Dr. Steve Giannoutsos, your, is the best way to determine the orthodontic treatment that may be best for you.

Essentially, your orthodontist will use advanced orthodontic techniques to guide the teeth into their proper positions. Braces may be the most traditional orthodontic technique, but the specific appliances and treatment times will certainly vary according to your particular needs.

In addition to promoting the proper alignment of the teeth, orthodontic treatment can also be used to improve the facial profile. Where the chin appears to be positioned too far forward or too far backward, orthodontics can be used to achieve the proper facial proportions.

Patients who have suffered from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ/TMD) have found orthodontics to provide remarkable relief for their discomfort. By properly positioning the upper and lower jaws, your orthodontist can relieve the stress and strain on the joints as well as the muscles. Using orthodontics in this manner can successfully prevent further damage to the joint and further discomfort.

The available options for orthodontic treatment are impressive. From limited treatment to comprehensive rehabilitation, virtually any form of malocclusion or misalignment can be corrected. To find out how you could benefit from orthodontic treatment in Norwalk CT, call 203-544-9338 and plan for your consultation right away.