October is one of our favorite months in the year, here’s why. Not only is it Dental Hygiene Month, it is also National Orthodontics Month, an opportunity to celebrate the art of orthodontics and what smile makers do to improve lives.

What Orthodontists Do:

In simple terms, they are tasked with helping you to generate a proper and powerful bite. So, they diagnose, prevent, or intervene in your dental. If the need arises, they provide guidance and ultimately correct the anomaly. This helps you get a good bite on something. If your jaws and teeth do not coordinate, there are dangers of poor chewing and even speaking. In extreme cases, people isolate themselves due to low self-esteem.

The modes of correction are many depending on the diagnosis. The most common is through the use of braces. If the condition is extreme, a more precise operation may be necessary. But in most cases, the coveted smile comes back after the use of simple, straightening procedures.

The Need for Good Oral Hygiene

Successful orthodontic treatment gives you perfectly straight dentition, which reduces your fear of smiling adds to your self-esteem. Not only that, it improves your oral hygiene and prevents many other problems. Poor oral health can lead to the accumulation of plaque, tooth decay, and other gum diseases. Taking a few minutes twice daily and brushing your teeth and mouth can help you reduce the visits to your orthodontist.

As we celebrate this month dedicated to orthodontics, let us appreciate them by maintaining good oral hygiene and sticking to your treatment plan. To learn more, visit: norwalkorthodontics.com/contact-us