People rarely think of wellness when making massive holiday food/dinners. One of the most thoughtful things you can do when prepping large holiday meals is to consider not just the taste, but the wellness and dietary restrictions of your loved ones. Here are a list of braces-friendly foods for the holiday season.


Before we start with the good stuff i.e., treats you can eat this holiday season, it is worth mentioning desserts and foods to avoid. These include:

·       Hard pretzels

·       Peanut brittle

·       Taffy

·       Caramel

·       Gingerbread cookies

·       Popcorn

·       Candy canes

In other words, braces wearers need to steer clear of sticky and hard candies that could damage their teeth and brackets.


Let’s be clear here; consumption of sweets, treats, and desserts should be kept in moderation. They can wreak havoc on your teeth, particularly if you wear braces, and it’s important to avoid eating too much. But sometimes we can’t resist, especially in the holiday season. Here are a few suggestions of treats to eat, but in moderation, of course.

·       Soft sugar cookies these cookies are not hard to break teeth and brackets. They are gentle, soft, and delicious at the same time

·       Hot cocoa – easy to make, delicious, and the perfect treat for Holiday time

·       Soft candy – such as soft butter and solid chocolate

·       Pudding – comes in a multitude of flavors, soft, and incredibly delicious

·       Cheesecake – but without sticky and nutty toppings

·       Ice cream – various flavor options available and is gentle on your braces

·       Other treats: smoothie, fudge, cupcakes

Adults and kids with braces can still enjoy various treats this holiday season. Just avoid hard and sticky options, and make sure you eat desserts in moderation. If you break a bracket or an orthodontic appliance be sure to reach out to us as soon as possible via